Full Sail Class Projects

Please feel free to view my Final Production Gallery page to view my finished work or click on the link below to view it on my Behance portfolio.

My three Art Tests for Character Modeling Discipline Approval before Finals at Full Sail. Realistic Test of Bruce Campbell, Toon Test of Pepe LePew, and Fantasy Concept of a Samurai Ogre with Concept Helmet.



During my Production Modeling course, I was assigned  the task of modeling a bust of myself and my motorcycle helmet using Maya and ZBrush. Please excuse the scars and excess wrinkles on my bust. I had to sculpt those onto my character for a podcast I had done for finals students going though our program.

In the period of basically a month, I modeled, lit, and textured this scene for my Model Creation and Shading/Lighting class using the first photo as modeling reference. The three screen shots after are the assignments throughout the month.





In the course, Character Design Creation, I was tasked to model a human based off of 3DSK reference pictures and create a concept character based off of that model, model clothing and hair for concept character, and pose the character and clothing in a lit scene.

Before the class of Game Art and Computer Animation split, we went through the Art Creation for Games course where we learned how to create basic environments for games and insert our final projects into the Unreal Development Kit and walk through the environment in UDK.

In my free time, I created the concept and model for a dragon that had the features of a stag beetle.

Right after our program split into Computer Animation and Game Art, I participated in the software technology course, which was a class instructing us on how to navigate through multiple and different CG software to adjust us to the changes we may face in the industry. I was tasked to Model, Rig, Animate, Concept, Story, and Rendering. These were my two character.


I had also done some animation classes that tested my abilities as both a 2D and 3D animator. Below are some of the short movies I have worked on.



Lip Sync Animation



Juice Box Animation



Orb Project



Emotion Change



Once I learned the basics of animation, I was also given the opportunity to utilize motion capture systems to drive an animation. All animation in the below film is interpreted by motion capture.



It took me a while to get good at composition, but I got a grip of it during this project, crediting me with camera tracking, composition, and rendering.