About Me

harvI was raised in Orlando, Fl. and joined the Marine Corps right out of high school at age 17. Always an artistic person , I was set out to be an architect. After serving in the Marine Corps Engineering program, I turned to Full Sail for a medium I would enjoy and benefit from. I am a graduate of the Full Sail Computer Animation bachelors program and I  interned for the Character Modeling portion of the Finals Department of Full Sail for nearly a year before I was hired as an Studio Artist for the Fine Arts and ultimately a Course Director for Game Art.
Along with my internship, I was also a Character Artist for Mountainwheel Games and Modeler for Burning dog Media. I am now the Modeling Lead/Recruiter for Burning Dog and JusBetter Inc. on multiple projects. I hold a few shops on various production websites and freelance when I can.
I am happily married to my wife, Aimee, and I am just as (if not more) dedicated to her and my children, Garrick and Avelin, as I am to my work.