Speed Sculpts

As an assistant instructor, helping out our Production Modeling courses, I also challenged myself with various other speed sculpts to improve my skills and keep me up to date with the new ZBrush4.
Some quick (30 min) exercises for initial warm up into course:

Screenshot 2014-09-03 16.36.55Screenshot 2014-09-03 16.36.07Screenshot 2014-09-04 11.18.13Screenshot 2014-09-22 14.02.28

After our warm ups, we then continued with some new tool introduction and model type exercises (30 min):

Screenshot 2014-09-08 13.55.50Screenshot 2014-09-17 14.01.29Screenshot 2014-09-12 12.25.58Screenshot 2014-09-12 12.58.14Screenshot 2014-09-12 10.02.11Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 6.05.31 AM

Once these exercises were done, we had the opportunity to polish and add to our designs with an additional (30 mins):

Screenshot 2014-09-17 14.53.43Screenshot 2014-09-10 12.54.25


And for a final project, we assembled a page of concept images and references to produce a complete sculpt over a week’s time:

Screenshot 2014-09-22 10.42.30Screenshot 2014-09-30 22.08.42

As an intern, my Instructors at Full Sail suggested I start working on my modeling abilities on the fly and hone in my skills using ZBrush. So the solution to this is creating Speed Sculpts. The basic idea behind this is to sculpt out the basic forms and features of a model hastily while researching and capturing the targeted appeal of a sculpture.
A ZBrush speed sculpt of a Weapons Handling Robot character that I designed and this is the first step towards making him ready for 3D animation. Music by Cage the Elephant, Christophe He’ral, and Billy Martin. This sculpt was done in 1.5 hours and is a good way to test out your skills on the fly.
My first recorded sculpt is one that I did for a character I designed for the animation department to utilize. This sculpt is called Combat Harvey and I created him in under 2 hours. I am currently retopologizing the asset for modeling and animation in the gaming format.

I have been taken in by MountainWheel Games as a Character Artist and this is the first character I have been assigned to model. This sculpt took 1.5 hours to make and was made using ZBrush.