Twitter Birds Models

First project for Full Sail’s Computer Animation finals. Created using Maya 2011, and PhotoshopCS5. Original concept by Mathieu Beaulieu. Modeled, textured, lit, posed, and surroundings by Kyle Havrilesko. Produced in 70 hours.
“Twitters” by Mathieu Beaulieu
In the pre-production stage, I had drawn out roughly 25 sketches for research into the asset such as orthographic views, final posing, face and hand gestures, basic shaping, line of actions, and wireframe planning. Below are a few examples.

Once pre-production was finished, I created a final look and environment to display them off with. I tested the lighting and positioning using rough shapes I created in maya.

After my scene was set up, I created separate scenes and imported my orthographic sketches to use as reference for size and shape of model block out using  front and side views. Once positioned I created shapes to connect together to form main body and wing block out, and I adjusted the wireframe for proper deformation.

With the main structures complete, I used other shapes to add on the other details such as the eyes, lids, brows, feet, and beaks. Insuring to keep the same artistic appeal, I altered my edge flow to create sharper lines along the areas of stylization and importance.

Once the characters  were shaped out, I created UV maps for them and began texturing them. I created a feather textures for both of them using Photoshop, but found them to be too distracting so I changed them into a specular map by desaturating the image and tweaking the levels of brightness. I then continued that same process with the other parts of the body.

I then posed the characters in maya using soft selections and rotations. After attaining good poses and silhouettes, I had to smooth out the geometry in deformation areas and alter the lighting for the poses, textures, and mood.
Once I had entered my demo reel class and finished my asset creation, I noticed that the eyes were catching shadows and reflections that didn’t help the feel and after applying an Ambient Occlusion pass over the basic image in Nuke really brought out the colors and characters. I removed the complicated textures but left the job up to the specular maps.
The final images are posted on the top of this page and if you would like to see them 360, please watch my demo reel and take a look at my other models and creations. If these characters go into any further production, the updates will be posted on this page. Thank you for viewing.